KUMIKO SUZUKI is an artist
based in Tokyo

A canvas is like space!
Living is the act of expressing.
Expressing will turn into a power to live.

I lost my young son who was the love of my life due to illness. I was in despair not knowing whether I was dead or alive for nearly 10 years.  
It felt as if I were in a bottom of a swamp.   I wondered, “Why am I still alive?”
But finally, I found an answer to that question. “There are things I want to express. That’s why I am alive.”
It was January, 2018.   The start of my days of abstract painting.

To me painting is a joy.   Appreciating and enjoying my five senses to full and concentrating on my own inspiration.

When I am painting an expression on a canvas, it brings me back to my childhood days when I was satisfying my curiosity limitlessly with liberty, and I start feeling life springing up from the bottom of my gut. The genuinely pure fundamental of happiness itself.

I paint the transcription of my feelings of freedom without any obsession on a canvas.  As I went through a time of despair, I can now believe that people live to enjoy happiness.  And expression is the power of living.

I want to paint something that would ignite people’s imagination to have the world on a flat canvas have vastness as spacious as space.

I would like to paint the light of primordial life that exsists inside the various beautiful things I find. And with the art I create with 100% happiness, it would be fun if that happiness spreads across those who see it.

── 生きるとは表現すること。

まるで沼の底にいるような気分でした。 私はなんでまだ生きているんだろう?そう思ってました。






Born: Tokyo, Japan
Lives and works in Tokyo, japan


Musashino Art University Department of Visual Communication Design
Engaged to graphic design for more than 20 years after graduating from the university.
Got impact by interest of alcohol ink to be engaged to abstract art with mixed media.

武蔵野美術大学 視覚伝達デザイン学科 卒業
2018年1月より、アルコールインクという画材の面白さに衝撃を受け、 mixed mediaの抽象アート作品の制作にのめりこむ。


  • 2023

    • Love Joyful Art #2: Group Exhibition, TAG Gallery, Los Angeles, U.S.A.
    • Solo Exhibition, GLYCINES, Yamaguchi, Japan
    • The 21th NAU 21Century Art Exhibition” ,The National Art Center, Tokyo
  • 2022

    • Solo Exhibition, cocoroiro, Tokyo, Japan
    • Solo Exhibition, Artshop & Gallery mar, Tokyo, Japan
    • Group Exhibition, Setagaya Art Museum, Tokyo, Japan
    • Solo Exhibition, ERIC ROSE, Tokyo, Japan
    • Solo Exhibition, Artifact, New York City, NY
    • Trio exhibition, Hitokuchizaka Gallery, Tokyo, Japan
    • ArtExpo New York, Art Up Close gallery, New York, USA
    • Solo Exhibition, kisai BUZZ, Tokyo, Japan
    • Solo Exhibition, TOBARIER GALLERY, Tokyo, Japan
    • “The 20th NAU 21Century Art Exhibition” ,The National Art Center, Tokyo
    • Solo Exhibition, GLYCINES, Yamaguchi, Japan
  • 2021

    • “FOCUS LONDON” ART FAIR, Saatchi Gallery / Fitzrovia Gallery, London, UK
    • Solo Exhibition, KLEIN BLUE gallery and Cafe Bar, Tokyo, Japan
    • Group exhibition, Setagaya Art Museum, Tokyo, Japan
    • “GAIA -The Origin-” M.A.D.S. gallery, Milan, Italy
    • “The 19th NAU 21Century Art Exhibition” ,The National Art Center, Tokyo
  • 2020

    • Solo Exhibition, escalier.C galerie, Tokyo, Japan
    • “Floating Worlds” Beyond Baroque Literary Art Center, Venice, USA
  • 2019

    • “Floating Worlds” bG Gallery, Santa Monica, USA
    • “Love Joyful Art” The Loft at Liz's, Los Angeles, USA
  • 2018

    • “Narrative Abstract Art Exhibition vol.8” The Artcomplex Center of Tokyo, japan
  • 2023

    • 『Love Joyful Art #2』グループ展:TAG Gallery(ロサンゼルス)
    • 個展『紙の上は宇宙だ!8』:グリシーヌ(宇部市・山口)
    • 第21回NAU21世紀美術連立展:国立新美術館
  • 2022

    • 個展『Kumiko Suzuki』:ヘアサロン cocoroiro(立川・東京)
    • 個展『紙の上は宇宙だ!7』:アートショップ&ギャラリー マール(国立・東京)
    • 『第17回 地球色展』グループ展:世田谷美術館
    • 個展『紙の上は宇宙だ!Ⅵ』:エリックローズ(青山・東京)
    • ニューヨーク個展『Kumiko Suzuki Paintings』:Artifact(ニューヨーク)
    • 『3人展』:一口坂ギャラリィ(市ヶ谷・東京)
    • 『 ArtExpo New York』:アートエキスポニューヨーク、 Art Up Closeより出展(ニューヨーク)
    • 個展『紙の上は宇宙だ!Ⅴ』:ヘアサロンkisai BUZZ(中目黒・東京)
    • 個展『紙の上は宇宙だ!Ⅳ』:トバリエギャラリー(九品仏・東京)
    • 第20回 NAU21 世紀美術連立展:国立新美術館
    • 個展『紙の上は宇宙だ!Ⅲ』:グリシーヌ(宇部・山口県)
  • 2021

    • 『FOCUS LONDON』:アートフェア、Saatchi Gallery 及び Fitzrovia Gallery(ロンドン)
    • 個展『紙の上は宇宙だ!II』:クラインブルー ギャラリー&カフェバー(神保町)
    • 『第16回 地球色展』グループ展:世田谷美術館
    • 『GAIA -The Origin-』企画展:M.A.D.S. gallery にて(イタリア・ミラノ)
    • 第19回 NAU21世紀美術連立展:国立新美術館
  • 2020

    • 個展『紙の上は宇宙だ!』:escalier.C ギャラリー(東京)
    • 『Floating Worlds』:Beyond Baroque Literary Art Centerにて(ロサンゼルス)
  • 2019

    • 『Floating Worlds』:bG Gallery(サンタモニカ)
    • 『Love Joyful Art』:The loft at Liz’s ギャラリー(ロサンゼルス)
  • 2018

    • 『語る抽象画展8』: The Artcomplex Center of Tokyo(東京)


  • 2018

    • Abstract painting workshop for emotional release, Tokyo, japan
    • Organized a finger paint workshop for children and moms, Tokyo, japan
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      workshop image picture
      workshop image picture
  • 2018

    • 『感情を解放する!大人のための抽象画』ワークショップ開催。
    • 『絵の具まみれで楽しむ!子どものためのアート』ワークショップ開催。


  • 2023

    • Solo Exhibition,
      Artshop & Gallery mar,Tokyo, Japan / DATE: 7 SEP - 18 SEP
  • 2023

    • 個展『紙の上は宇宙だ!9』
      アートショップ&ギャラリー マール(国立・東京) /